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The 3 Week Diet Program Review – Does 3 Week Diet Really Work?

Written by Brian Flatt, a nutritionist, the 3 Week Diet program claims to help you lose weight by following their 3 week program. You're probably reading this review because you saw their video that was pretty convincing. It talks about how most people are looking at diets the wrong way.

I know I was personally looking at diets the wrong way myself. At a recent visit, 6 months ago, I took to my doctor, he told me that I was approaching 20% body fat. This sounded kind of scary because I've been in pretty good shape all of my life. But 20% body isn't good...not at all.

I realized that my daily habits were probably contributing a lot to that.

I work at home or when I am at the office, I'm sitting in front of a computer all day.

So when I started doing my research on the 3 Week Diet program, I was hoping that I had found something that could finally point me in the right direction. Think about it, we see celebrities on TV everyday that talk about how they've lost 40 pounds, then 6 months later, you hear that they've gained it all back. Obviously if millionaire celebrities can't keep the weight off, how could I?

The truth is, most of us have terrible eating habits and our lifestyles don't included enough physical activity. Case in point, I'm sitting hear at my computer writing this article. And you're probably sitting at your computer and reading it :-)

After doing some research on the product online, here's what I found:

The 3 Week Diet program focuses on making sure you stay away from the food that would cause the most harm to you on your weight loss quest. It's pretty obvious that ice scream probably isn't good for weight loss, but maybe we didn't know that bread could make us pack on the pounds, even if it's whole wheat bread.

They also teach you some pretty slick workout that you can do from home that I've already incorporated into my day. In my opinion the 3 Week Diet program is a keeper, but it's not going to come to your house and lose the weight for you. Obviously you're still going to have to do the work.

Since I'm still on quest to lower my body fat % more myself, I fill you in on a secret that helping me lower my body fat while not really changing my daily routine. I just took one thing out of my diet, bread, and replaced it with one thing that tastes EVEN BETTER.

If you get the 3 Week Diet Program now, by CLICKING HERE, I'll email you the secret food you can use to replace things like bread that won't put the weight on.

Let's do this weight loss thing together.

They actually have the 3 Week Diet Program at a discounted price right now, so you should grab it now before you forget. Then comment on the blog below to let us know you got it.

Can't wait to see you lose the weight....Take care and God Bless.....


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